Why choose Corinthian?


We know what
we are doing.

We are specialists in de-risking, in fact we were the first team in the UK to undertake bulk transfer advice and also the first to offer a focused advisory service.

We help companies reduce their defined benefit pension scheme liabilities through a comprehensive range of de-risking exercises.

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We have lots of experience.

We have over 12 years’ experience and advised over 100,000 members over 70 exercises. Our de-risking projects have varied from 30 to 8700 members, so we are happy to take on any project, large or small.

We do it well.

We know that giving the member the best possible experience is everything. It gains the trust of the member and protects the reputation of the organisation and the Trustees. In a recent member study we received a 98% positive feedback score.


A knowledgeable
and qualified team.

All of our 30 advisers are either G60/AF3 qualified or are Chartered Investment Managers. They have experience of dealing with transfers from £10,000 to £2 million+.


We deploy the right number of advisers per project, so they quickly build up substantial experience, improving the members’ experience and outcomes.


Our Total Member Experience.

We use all options available to us to deliver the best possible member experience.

member journey

"Dear Neil, As a journo I ought to be able to find the words to express my deep gratitude to you, Adam and Mark for so kindly and professionally sorting out my pension option, but all I can think of is to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have made the difference which gives me the chance to try and turn my life around. When I was hassling Adam for updates, I had no idea so much work and writing was involved, I apologise for my impatience. Thank you, you've been brilliant. For the first time of any financial institution in my 62 years Adam Watson and his team made me understand the options and guided me through them wisely, sensitively with superb hands-on care. Clearly, they are head and shoulders above any peers. All the best, Geoff."

Geoff Baker , former Daily Star , Dorset

"We appointed Corinthian to assist with a PIE exercise for nearly 4,100 members and we were very pleased with the excellent service provided from the set-up phase, through member advice to the back-office administration. We chose you because we felt you had the scale to cope with the project of our size, but you were still willing to be flexible in your approach and fit in with the RELX way of doing things, and that was what you delivered and to the high standard we require. The Trustees, business divisions and members all gave positive feedback, hence you are now our IFA of choice."

Suzanne Perry , Assistant Group Treasurer , RELX Group

"Corinthian Pensions were appointed by my previous company to give advice to me regarding my deferred final salary pension scheme.  I have no experience in how these matters work and found the situation very daunting.

From the very first contact I found Camille French very helpful, explaining the process and my options clearly in a manner I could understand. Regular updates were provided at contact times convenient to me both by phone and email and followed up in writing. 

I felt my needs were considered and best advice given to my particular situation resulting in the best possible outcome for me personally.

Contact continued after resolution to ensure I was happy and was clear on future matter. 

I would highly recommend Camille and her team to anyone looking for advice and assistance with pension matters, as without their help and information, I would not be in such a very good position financially as I now find myself.

Once again I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all concerned."

Graham Anderson , Deferred Member , Segro Pension Scheme

"Just a quick note to say that I have received your report and the accompanying additional information. I’ve even read it twice! And I thank you for the work you put into this. I had not realised that I was so close to the Lifetime Allowance charges and will pick this issue up quickly.

I guess you knew all through that I was not an average member of the scheme and that I had other responsibilities and involvement. I was impressed at how the process went and of your knowledge of our scheme and told the Trustee meeting the same last week, so well done.

Thanks again and I hope that your other NEC deferred members are as pleased with the service that they receive, as I was."

David Sutherland , Company Nominated Trustee , NEC Pension Scheme

"Can I just say, what excellent service you and Corinthian have provided with my transfer."

Colin Maw , Pension Scheme Member , Heinz Pension Plan

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