Q3 Investment Round Up

We hope that you, your family and your colleagues are well. Please find attached our Q3 2020 Investment Round Up Newsletter. Growth across the UK economy had faded after a record recovery over the summer, raising fears of a renewed contraction in the last three months of the year. Data released showed that UK GDP

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23rd November 2020 — Read this story in full.

Corinthian is here to help you and your employees navigate through these times

How can The Corinthian team support you and your employees? We are living in unprecedented times and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means employees are facing an increasing number of challenges. That’s why we are providing increased support for those who are transitioning to a new job or leaving an old one. We can

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16th November 2020 — Read this story in full.

Mental health in the workplace (shush, don’t tell anyone!)

In many places there is still the feeling that mental health is a taboo subject. This extends to the workplace where many employees are still afraid to talk to their employers about their mental health challenges; believing that it could affect their reputation and career (as highlighted by research from Helix Resilience). Three in ten

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8th October 2020 — Read this story in full.

Are multiple pension pots causing you a headache?

There is no doubt that Auto Enrolment (AE) has boosted the pension provision from workplace schemes for millions of workers in the UK, however it’s also exacerbated issues surrounding multiple pension pots. It’s estimated that an average individual may change jobs 12 times in their career potentially resulting in 12 different pensions pots which all

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2nd October 2020 — Read this story in full.

A day Back in the Life

Blog by Adele Batchelor, Senior Client Manager, Corinthian Benefits I have been working as a client manager in Employee Benefits now for over 10 years and have been used to working from home and visiting clients, but in March 2020 life as we knew it changed.  Overnight we were put into lockdown and had to juggle

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7th September 2020 — Read this story in full.

Friendly News

As always we hope that you, your colleagues and families remain safe and well. We’ve made it to September, which is always a month for me that feels like a fresh start.  That back to school feeling which feels enhanced this year with things edging back to normal in September. In August we posted a

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2nd September 2020 — Read this story in full.

How has COVID-19 affected your office space and has it provided you with a new option for an employee benefit?

Since January we have seen many changes towards the employee benefits arena, ranging from the increased offering of insurers to employer driven activities. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which forced many employees to work from their own homes. But what will be the lasting effect that this will have on businesses? Employees have

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26th August 2020 — Read this story in full.

Investing in staff education

For many years, the statement “I love building things” has featured in the LinkedIn profile of Corinthian Benefits Managing Director, Robert MacGregor. This is a reference to his desire to see ongoing growth and development in everything he is involved with, “whether that is individuals (helping good guys get even better), teams, market leading businesses,

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17th August 2020 — Read this story in full.

Q2 Investment Round Up

We hope that you, your family and your colleagues are well. Please find attached our Q2 2020 Investment Round Up Newsletter. It was announced this week that the UK economy has suffered its largest slump on record between the months of April and June due to the coronavirus lockdown measures, which has officially pushed the

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13th August 2020 — Read this story in full.

Beware the pension scam

Since 2015 savers aged 55 and over have been able to access savings from their Defined Contributions Scheme under the ‘pensions flexibility’ rules. This means that funds can be accessed as a Lump Sum Payment, Lifetime Annuity, Flexi-Access Drawdown, Capped Drawdown or Short-Term Annuities. This relaxing of the rules has proven to be a popular

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20th July 2020 — Read this story in full.

Gender and Income continues to divide pensions

According to recent reports from the Pensions Policy Institute and Close Brothers the gender and income divide remains alive and well in the world of pensions. Women have often found their career and service progression interrupted by family commitments, the gender pay gap and career breaks and the overtaking of Final Salary Schemes by Defined

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14th July 2020 — Read this story in full.

Corinthian Benefits News – June 2020

We hope that as always you, your family and colleagues remain safe and well. We have pleasure in attaching our Corinthian Benefits June 2020 newsletter, which will give you some insight into what we have been doing for our clients over the past few months, how the markets have been behaving during lockdown and also

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23rd June 2020 — Read this story in full.

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