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A day Back in the Life

7 September 2020

Blog by Adele Batchelor, Senior Client Manager, Corinthian Benefits

I have been working as a client manager in Employee Benefits now for over 10 years and have been used to working from home and visiting clients, but in March 2020 life as we knew it changed.  Overnight we were put into lockdown and had to juggle working from home 24/7 plus schooling.  Its been an interesting year to say the least.

Today, I visited my first local client face to face in almost 6 months and it felt like being freed from prison.

After 6 months under house arrest with my husband and our two children (aged 8 and 10), all working and schooling at home, todays newfound freedom was quite literally a breath of fresh air.

That said the day didn’t go without some trepidation and anxiety.  As for many people across the world whose lives this year have been turned upside down, going back out to work after so long at home did create some anxiety.  With my bag packed with PPE, I set off to the life I once knew.

I forgot how much I love my alone time on a car journey, the freedom and thinking time it provides as I travel around the country lanes of Hampshire.  The sense of joy I get from exercising my lungs whilst listening to Adele at full blast!

Overall, the visit was a really good experience and you cannot underestimate the value and wellbeing of face to face interactions with our fellow humans.  I felt safe that Covid guidelines were being met and that any risk was low.  I’m looking forward to doing more visits soon and more importantly for the kids to return to school.

People talk about the ‘new normal’ but this phrase is becoming as boring as ‘unprecedented times’. For me it’s just about getting back to life.

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