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Pension and benefit advice
for Independent Schools across the UK

Our friendly team at Corinthian Benefits has the expertise to make your school more financially in control. We are experienced in working with teaching staff to empower and make positive changes for life after the classroom.

Making the Complex Simple

We will help you take the stress out of arranging your teachers' pensions and benefits.

We know many Independent Schools feel the financial pressure is looming in the future. Our free Future Proof Scorecard has been created to help assess your current situation.

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How we can help

We specialise in working with Independent Schools, helping them set up the right pension scheme that suits their needs and giving ongoing advice and support.

We can help you find the best pension that will run smoothly, require little management time, and can make significant savings. We can help your teaching and support staff understand their options and appreciate your investment in their future.

We are passionate about communicating with your employees too. At Corinthian, there is always someone to speak to, in person, online or on the phone.

Discover Your Future Proof Pensions Score

The Future Proof Pensions Scorecard benchmarks your ability to see how prepared you are when it comes to school finances and long-term school success.

The scorecard will focus on four areas:

Budget Control

Benefit Clarity

Employee Engagement

Positive Wellbeing and Culture

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Unlocking a future proof pension for your school

The increase in the employer contribution to the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS) in September 2019 has seen a sizeable number of independent sector school employers withdraw from the scheme. Since 2020 Covid-19 has exacerbated the situation.

At Corinthian Benefits we're committed to helping you address these challenges whilst continuing to deliver your strategic objectives.

Access to high
quality pensions for all

We believe it is important that all schools should be able to access high quality pension provisions for staff. We have worked with many schools that have taken on this challenge and found solutions that work for them and their staff.

We do this by taking the time to understand your requirements. This may be maintaining membership of TPS or finding a solution that works for you outside of the scheme for your teachers and support staff.

Our Process

1 Initial meeting with key stakeholders (Head Teacher, School Bursar) to understand your requirements and agree on a way forward
2 We present the new arrangements through group presentations
3 A consultation with each individual member of staff to discuss options
4 We do everything to implement the new arrangements
5 Ongoing: We manage the new plans and we are there for any queries you and your staff may have
How do we ensure a successful consultation?

A business review for your school

Working in partnership with your school we will conduct a business review to explore opportunities for change and explore how these updates could work for your school.

A detailed Proposal

We offer  Finance Focus Sessions in advance of a formal consultation for teaching staff to promote a greater understanding of the benefits provided by the TPS and how DC pensions work in practice.

Consultations for all

We offer group presentations to your teaching and support staff and one-to-one consultations to explore individual needs. We are able to assist in providing financial education for your team, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

Ongoing support for all

We offer ongoing support for your school and staff needs with regular reviews to adjust and improve benefits and services. This includes onboarding new members of staff to ensure they understand and appreciate all their benefits, along with the options and opportunities available to them.

For Now. For the Future.

We are an award-winning pensions and benefits consultant. We help schools, like yours, create a more secure, satisfying and successful present and future for your teachers and for your whole school community.

We act as an extension of your school, listening to your individual needs and simplifying the language and complexity of pensions and benefits. We offer clear, informed advice and build a benefits and pension package that suits your teachers' needs.

We’ll meet you in person. This allows our expert team to better understand your school and what you are trying to achieve. We won’t take up much of your time, and we will come back with a tailored plan that is in line with your objectives.

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Hear from Bursars from other schools

“Working with Corinthian has been a pleasure. Your support and guidance throughout the consultative process was invaluable. The success of the large sign up to salary exchange has to be attributed to Tom from Corinthian.” Barry Farrell Director, Achieve Group

“James Benson was exceptionally patient and helpful both in the meeting and with slides and with follow up emails specific to my case. Outstanding service. Thank you so much, James.” Cranmore School

“Very informative initial meeting.” Effingham Schools Trust

“Fantastic service, very clear. I look forward to the next meeting.” Abbotsholme School

“Adele was most professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you very much.” Effingham Schools Trust

“Very approachable and professional presentation. I would highly recommend Tom.” Chase Grammar School

“An excellent presentation, thank you very much” Governors (Effingham Schools Trust)

“I would also like to say how impressed I am with the efficiency and professionalism of your team concerning the services from Corinthian” Mrs Elizabeth Pope Learning Support Assistant | St Teresa’s School