Corinthian is here to help you and your employees navigate through these times

Corinthian is here to help you and your employees navigate through these times

How can The Corinthian team support you and your employees?

We are living in unprecedented times and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means employees are facing an increasing number of challenges. That’s why we are providing increased support for those who are transitioning to a new job or leaving an old one.

We can help employees:

  1. 1.     Understand their new benefits/ or understand what benefits they will no longer have on leaving.

Providing company benefits is a great way to reinforce your employeessense of belonging and loyalty to the business, which can improve productivity and retention. There are a number of benefits your company might offer including cycle to work schemes, childcare vouchers, and lifestyle perks. However, if your employees dont understand what benefits are available to them, they wont be able to take advantage of them. Corinthian can help your employees understand their new benefits, so both you and your employees can make the most out of them.

  1. Discuss options of continuing some benefits including pension and private medical insurance when leaving.

When an employee decides to move on, they may be changing more than just their job. If they are currently benefitting from a certain pension plan or private medical insurance, they may be worried about losing this going forward. When someone leaves a company, they can continue receiving private medical insurance by choosing to take out individual cover with the same provider, taking out a completely new individual policy, or switching to a new company scheme. Corinthian can help your employees gain a better understanding about which plan might be most suitable for them, as well as providing expert advice on pension plans. 

  1. Provide pension options at leaving.

We know employees are busier than ever and pensions may not be their highest priority right now, but the right pension plan can increase an employees retirement pot by thousands of pounds. When someone changes jobs there are many options when it comes to their pension and Corinthian can help them reduce their pension charges and achieve better investment returns on their pension fund. One way this can be done is with a pension transfer.

  1. Provide an overview of the pension and benefits for new joiners including our pension transfer offering.

The average person will change jobs twelve times during their working life, which also means twelve different pension schemes. To avoid this, many people consider a pension transfer, which is the process of moving the value of their pension from one scheme to another. This can potentially help an individual reduce their pension charges and achieve better investment returns on their pension fund. Unfortunately, the process isnt always simple. Corinthian can help your employees maximise the potential of their pension by reviewing the existing pension plans they are considering and providing expert advice to establish suitability of a pension transfer based on their risk tolerance. 

These are just a few of the ways Corinthian is supporting employees who are joining or leaving the companies we work for and we are always coming up with news ways to provide more help and support to you and your employees.  

As many of us are operating primarily remotely at the moment, we can offer a telephone call, or video Zoom & Teams meeting to interact with your employees. Please contact us at Tel: 0845 2419541

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