How has COVID-19 affected your office space and has it provided you with a new option for an employee benefit?

How has COVID-19 affected your office space and has it provided you with a new option for an employee benefit?

Since January we have seen many changes towards the employee benefits arena, ranging from the increased offering of insurers to employer driven activities. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which forced many employees to work from their own homes. But what will be the lasting effect that this will have on businesses?

Employees have proven that they can efficiently work from home, to the extent that 56% of businesses are encouraging more flexible working hours. This has also resulted in employers changing their outlook on health and wellbeing, with many seeking to implement benefits such as employee assistance programs or cash plans. If you would like to know more about these you can contact Corinthian directly.

Research conducted for office management specialists Flexioffices, shows that more than a third of London based businesses are looking at stepping out of the capital and 24% of employees want more communal space, where they can socialize, whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

So, the question is what are office-based businesses planning to do post lockdown?”

  • 57% have decided they want to downsize. This will help reduce overheads and create a budget to implement new benefits supporting the new desire to working from home
  • 44% are encouraging employees to work remotely
  • 44% of businesses that were looking to purchase office space now want to rent
  • 53% of business outside of London are less inclined to move

This data show how businesses are adapting to the new working environment, and it is highly unlikely that this will reverse to the old ways. Now employees have proven that they can be just as efficient working form home - How does this bring in a new employee benefit?

Working from home can be classed as an employee benefit, whether it is for one day a week or all five. It offers employees many additional benefits, some being

  • Flexible schedule
  • Personalised working environment
  • Ability to have private calls without having to find a breakout room or shut the office door
  • No office distractions
  • Zero commuting
  • Saving money on travel and food
  • Stronger work life balance
  • Better mental health

If you want to know more or would like to see how your current benefits can add further support to your employees please get in contact with Corinthian Benefits on 0208 189 6161

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