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Loneliness at Work? The Solutions That Will Change the Way You Work and Tackle Issues of Loneliness in the Workplace.

5 September 2022

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, the workplace has changed beyond anything we ever expected. It proved that many workplaces can change and it proved that people can be just as productive from home or from another location. While the idea of working from home might have appealed to many, the reality is that it has brought with it a range of problems, such as people feeling isolated and lonely.

One survey has suggested that as much as 66% of people are now experiencing loneliness, and many think their employer is responsible for doing more.

The effects of loneliness can have an impact on both the mental and physical health of individuals while they can be long-lasting. This can also hamper productivity as staff take more sick days and become disengaged from the workplace. So, what solutions are in place to deal with loneliness in the workplace?

Showing an Interest

This is a simple approach but is one that many managers miss out on. By getting to know your team members and asking them about their personal lives, interests and passions, you can connect with them on a deeper level. This will help them to open up and will make them feel included and to have a sense of belonging.

Pay Attention to the Finer Details

It can be too easy to dismiss small details, but when you pay attention to them, the impact they can have can be huge. Whether it’s a birthday, the name of their child or even what their preference is when it comes to hot drinks, it can all matter. These small gestures go a long way to showing that you care about them and are more than just employees or colleagues.

Create Opportunities for Connection

If people believe you are not approachable, they will not make contact with you. However, if you make yourself approachable by giving them the impression that you are pleased and happy to hear from them, they will feel more confident. If you cannot take that zoom call, let them know and then state that you will call them back…and make sure you remember to make the call! One option we have used at Corinthian is to host coffee chats every now and then, either online or in person, and ask colleagues to talk to someone perhaps they wouldn’t normally talk to.

Deal With Tiredness and Exhaustion

This is a significant problem that can really impact employees, so it makes sense to do everything possible to recognise the problem. Maybe someone has been working long hours and not taking the required breaks, so you should make them aware that they should take care of themselves. Ensure that you praise them for finding that balance and also take a look at their workload to see what can be done to help them.

Assisting employees

Many employers can now offer benefits that focus on health and well-being for their employees. Some options involve free access to wellbeing apps, yoga programmes, mindfulness music, and stories. Headspace and Calm apps are popular choices, and some Private Medical Providers have these incorporated. Having a range of benefits and perks in place that really focuses on the well-being of your employees can really connect them to your organisation and improve their sense of belonging.

Let’s talk

Whether you create small changes or simple recognition, these actions can help alleviate the impact of loneliness in the workplace. When you do this, you will find that your workforce becomes happier, more content and more productive. At Corinthian Benefits we focus on creating happier employees that feel more connected and engaged to their employers through their pensions, benefits and general wellbeing.

We offer a no-obligation call with a member of our friendly, experienced and supportive team. We are here to make your life easier by providing the best possible service – pure and simple.

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