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Jonathan’s story.

Planning ahead.

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Advice on planning ahead

My current situation

I am 45, married and have three children.

I work as a Sales Rep and earn a salary of £40,000 plus commission.

I have a large mortgage and would like to start saving towards my children’s university costs.

My pension fund is starting to grow, and I am interested in learning more about the ethical investments available to me.

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My goals

  • Short Term – savings advice – best savings account for university fees.
  • Medium Term – understand my pension, am I saving enough and are my investments suited to my personal views.
  • Long Term – learn more about how other investments work.
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What I need

My take home pay varies from month to month, so it would be good to understand when I earn a little more whether I should be putting this into my pension or the university fee pot.

Pension investments are like a minefield, especially when you would like to invest in environmentally friendly companies, so any advice on where to invest my money would be key.

My company death in service would not cover the full extent of my mortgage, so I would be keen to ensure my family is fully protected.