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Kelly’s story.

Where do I go next?

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Reviewing my retirement plans

My current situation

I am the Managing Director of my HR Business. My annual income is over £90,000, and I have two teenage children living at home with me. My work and home commitments mean I am incredibly busy and have little time to concentrate on my finances.

I am paying into my pension via salary exchange, but I have no idea if I am contributing enough and whether I could benefit from further tax savings.

I rarely review where my pension is invested and would like to understand this more.

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My goals

  • Short Term – understand if I am paying enough into my pension and my investment options.
  • Medium Term – review protection needs for me and my family.
  • Long Term – succession planning and protection for my business.
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What I need

I would benefit from annual review meetings with a financial adviser who looks after my pension and my family protection needs. Ideally, I would like to contribute in the most tax efficient way so any guidance on this would be appreciated.

I am concerned that if something was to happen to me, my business may struggle to survive, therefore knowing how to protect my business is also paramount.