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Role of group protection industry recognised in House of Lords

23 June 2020

The key role played by the group risk industry in keeping the economy going was recently acknowledged in the House of Lords. The important influence the industry plays in keeping healthy, productive and wealthy was highlighted during a debate on the economic lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is a long-term challenge” Lord Hunt of Wirral commented “brought into sharp, short term relief. I strongly commend to my noble friend the Minister the initiatives from GRiD, the Group Risk Development organisation, set up by the insurance sector to address these challenges.”

“Of course, free enterprise will have to be the principal driver of recovery, but it is none the less incumbent on all one-nation Conservatives to ensure that for a stronger economy and a stronger society in the post-pandemic world.”

Group Risk Development (GRiD) is the industry body for the group risk protection sector, promoting the value to British businesses of providing financial protection for their staff, enhancing their wellbeing and engagement.

“We’re really pleased that GRiD has been directly recognised as having an important part to play in the longer-term challenges facing employers in the recovery from the pandemic” commented GRiD spokesperson Katherine Moxham.

“This is about much more than the physical adaptations employers will need to make to places of work to ensure employees can return safely, it’s also about the changes they will need to make to improve ways of managing sickness and absence, and this is something the group risk industry is very experienced in.”

As Britain emerges from total lockdown, all employers will have to adapt, and not only through social distancing. The Corinthian team are fully prepared to help your business and employees back to work. If you would like to discuss the range of solutions available please get in touch at [email protected]