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Time to celebrate our ‘Mark of Excellence’

5 March 2018

Time to celebrate! We won the ‘Mark of Excellence’ for Client Experience.

Corinthian Benefits are delighted to announce that they have been awarded the Mark of Excellence for Client Experience by the independent assessment organisation CX Awards Limited.

The Mark of Excellence is awarded following an in-depth assessment of the Client Experience focused on the following three topic areas:

  • How easy is it for clients to deal with the company?
  • How satisfied are they with what the company does for them?
  • Do they trust the company enough to keep using them?

The assessment process covered the perception of clients and staff captured by online questionnaires. The response rate from clients was almost one in three – far higher than the average for client experience surveys. This means the results can be taken as fully representative.

All questions are scored out of 10 and the overall unweighted score from all respondents was 8.40. This is an excellent score for surveys of this nature and size.  The average from clients was 8.17 and staff averaged 8.63.

Neil Craig, director of CX Awards commented.

“Corinthian recorded very high scores across the board. This reflects the fact that clients find them a pleasure to deal with, appreciate the support they get and invariably are very keen to keep using them.”

“Clients acknowledge Corinthian has a dedicated and professional team who are determined to make sure they serve their clients to the very best of their ability.  This is echoed by staff scores and comments. Management has fostered a very positive working environment which clearly has led directly to a positive client experience.”

Respondents were also asked for written feedback about Corinthian and the following comments are typical:

From my experience, the people I have met/contacted have been so knowledgeable and helpful.  It’s nice to be able to go to the implementation team and have anyone deal with the query rather than waiting for a specific person to be available.

They are super friendly and helpful.  Corinthian is not a pushy company and that would be something that would put me off using any company.

Neil Craig added, “The key points coming from the staff feedback are that they feel that the business is strongly client focused and they really enjoy working at Corinthian – the perfect recipe for business success”.

As one staff member said:

“In terms of client management, we always work as hard as we can to ensure positive results. It is encouraged and embedded within the staff mentality.”

Director Lee French commented.

“We’re delighted to have received this award for the second time from an independent organisation, after receiving such positive survey feedback from both our clients and staff. Corinthian is committed to delivering an exceptional level of service to our clients in a friendly, yet professional, manner. The key to achieving this is working hard to make sure clients feel valued and happy in what they do”.