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When did you last… check your mobile phone contract?

14 February 2023

As we rely increasingly on our mobile phones for everything from communication to entertainment, it’s no wonder that the costs can quickly spiral out of control. Whether you’re a heavy user or only pick up your phone occasionally, the chances are that you’re overpaying for the minutes, texts, and data that you use. But, with a little savvy shopping and clever budgeting, it’s easy to keep the costs down on your mobile phone bill.

Here are our 5 top tips for saving some pennies and pounds on your monthly mobile bill, so that you can stay connected with the important people and tasks in your life, without breaking the bank.

1, Check when your contract ends

Ensure you verify when your contract expires if you’re uncertain whether you’re still in contract with your provider and if there would be fees for prematurely ending the contract; you can determine this information without asking for a switching code. Text the word INFO 85705 to find out when your contract ends. Then consider your options for finding a new supplier or upgrading to a new handset.

2. Consider a SIM-Only Contract

If you’re content with your phone and have reached the end of your contract, you could save by switching your SIM (the chip in your phone that determines your data, calls, and texts allowance). The process is straightforward, but it’s important to be aware that a credit check may be involved.

3. Haggle with your current provider

Getting your haggling hat on and negotiating your monthly mobile phone contract can significantly slash your monthly bill. If you have a contract deal and you’re approaching the end of your fixed term or out of contract, your network should make a desperate effort to keep you – which makes it the perfect time to negotiate. If you’re a long-standing customer, your phone provider should be offering discounts to keep your loyalty… go get that deal.

4. Add a spending cap to keep control of your spending

If you’re one of those people who tend to use up their data allowance before the end of each month, you may want to ensure you’ve got a spending cap in place. If you don’t, it could end up costing you far more than expected.

You can add a limit to your account via your network’s online account or app, though if you’d prefer not to do so, then make sure you’re on top of your usage – because some networks won’t warn you about extra charges (which are often at eye-watering rates).

5. Cash in your old phone

Don’t leave your old phone in a drawer collecting dust. Recycling your old phone is positive for the environment, and depending on the device’s brand, model, and condition, it could also earn you hundreds of pounds as well. Many companies are willing to recycle your phone for money or store vouchers/credit but do your research on what’s on offer, as the deals can vary greatly.