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The summer months seem to be passing by quickly, along with the promised August heatwave!

I have pleasure in attaching our August Insights Newsletter and delighted to share some interesting articles provided by our friends at Supportis, Stockdales and Scottish Widows.

If you have an article, or short blog that you would like to feature in our Newsletter, please do let us know.

In the meantime, we hope you have an enjoyable remainder of the summer.

Corinthian Insights Newsletter – August 2021

Well wow! We didn’t expect this! To be shortlisted for not one but THREE Corporate Adviser Awards is brilliant – what a result.

This is a prestigious, industry-wide recognition of the highest professional standards and innovation demonstrated by the whole Corinthian family.

We are shortlisted for the following #CorporateAdviser awards:
🏆 Best Pension Adviser

🏆 Best Health & Wellbeing Solution

🏆 Corporate Adviser Firm of the Year

Dust off your posh frocks, because the winners in each category will be revealed at Corporate Adviser’s annual awards ceremony at the Marriott Grosvenor Square in November.  THANK YOU to all our team members who made this happen!

I hope that you, your family and colleagues remain safe and well.  It seems impossible that we are halfway through the year!

I am delighted to attach our June 2021 Corinthian Bulletin, please do take a few minutes to have a read about our latest updates, from new colleagues we have welcomed through to a sneak preview of our new look Corinthian and some good news stories.

Should you have any questions or comments from this please do let us know.

Corinthian Bulletin June 2021


A new report from Standard Life Aberdeen has found that two thirds of people who will be retiring in 2021 don’t have enough money in their pension pots to sustain their retirement income.

The report also found that although those retiring in 2021 plan to spend an average of £21,000 a year, which is around £10,000 less than the average UK household income, many are still at serious risk of outliving their pension fund.

In fact, even with the state pension, only one third of this group will have enough money to support themselves for the entirety of their retirement if they plan on spending the £21,000 a year. Furthermore, even though the average pension fund of this group is £366,000, a third have less than £100,000 saved.

Despite the concern that many who are planning on retiring this year will not outlive their retirement fund, Covid-19 has resulted in many people accelerating their retirement plans.

Here in the UK, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in multiple lockdowns, job uncertainty and health concerns, all of which are reported as reasons why some people have decided to retire earlier than they originally planned. However, according to the Standard Life Aberdeen report, only 39% feel “very confident” that they’re financially ready to finish working and more than 37% of those planning to retire are concerned that they will not have enough to sustain themselves for the entirety of their retirement.

Retiring is one of the biggest life decisions and transitions a person will make and with longer life expectancy, volatile markets and changing regulations, not to mention the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it can be an incredibly confusing time.

As the Standard Life Aberdeen report has shown, retirement takes careful planning and preparation and although pension pots tend to be the most prevalent option for pension funds, retirees should also consider any of their other savings or assets that could be used to fund their retirement.

Retiring during a pandemic comes with many challenges, but it will be much easier to adapt your retirement plan than starting from scratch.

Corinthian can help you meet your retirement dreams. Get in touch – we would love to have a chat! Please contact us at [email protected] Tel: 0845 2419541

I have pleasure in attaching our May Insights Newsletter and delighted to share some interesting articles provided by our friends at Flourish in Mind, Travel Counsellors, and one from Corinthian on Health Cash Plans.

As ever, should you have anything you wish to discuss please let us know.

Corinthian Insights Newsletter – May 2021

It’s certainly safe to say that the past year has had its challenges, but I am hopeful that the end of the tunnel is in sight and that the road map out of lockdown remains on course.

I have pleasure in attaching our new Insights Newsletter, and  delighted to share some interesting articles provided by our friends at Bryden Johnson, Clarke Williams, SITK and Beaufort Financial.

As ever, should you have anything you wish to discuss please let me know.

Corinthian Insights Newsletter March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many people are adjusting to working from home and during this latest lockdown many parents again find themselves trying balance home schooling their children as well.

A new study by the University of Oxford suggests that the pressures of lockdown have increased the levels of stress, depression and anxiety in parents and carers.

The researchers found that between mid-March and the end of December 2020 parents and carers were:

·       having difficulty relaxing

·       being easily upset or agitated

·       feeling hopeless

·       lacking interest and pleasure

·       feeling fearful and worried

·       being more irritable, over-reactive and impatient

According to John Jolly, head of the charity Parentkind, the research highlighted “the additional stress and pressure that partial school closures place on parents”. He suggests that policymakers listen to the concerns of parents regarding the “safety and reopening of schools, the fair allocation of grades in the absence of exams, and remote learning provision”.

However, employers can also take measures to mitigate some of the stress parents are facing during these challenging times.

Here at Corinthian, the management team got together as soon as this current lockdown was announced and discussed what more we can do to support the mental well-being of our team members. We decided that with immediate effect we are giving our employees who are home-schooling two hours off every day to enable them to focus on home learning with their children.

If, like me, you are constantly being interrupted while on a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call, then take a look at our stay at home schooling guide. This is a great resource full of useful links to fun and educational websites, to help entertain your children when you need to get some work done.

I’ve also found it helpful to establish a routine and create a dedicated work area. For more resources and support while balancing working from home and home schooling, visit our website at: If you are an employer, ask yourself what you’re doing to support your employees during this difficult time.

As we are operating primarily remotely at the moment, we can offer a telephone call, or video Zoom to answer your questions. Please contact us at [email protected] Tel: 0845 241 9541

We lost our beloved lurcher, Woody, on 2 November 2020 to kidney disease, aged 12.  Heartbroken, we agreed not to get another dog for a couple of years.

Sonny arrived from Spain 7 weeks later on 20 December 2020.

There was just such a void in the house, and with another lockdown looming I found myself looking at dog rescue websites.  Somebody mentioned rescuing from Romania, but I was drawn to the Spanish Stray Dogs website.  Rescue dogs in the UK get a better life than those abroad whilst waiting to be rehomed and it felt the right thing to do, to give a good home to one of these poor souls.

I fell in love at first sight with Sonny on the website within minutes. He was my kind of dog. Black and tan, with film star good looks. They said he was about 3 years old and his name was Fernando.  My husband agreed he was the boy for us – we renamed him Sonny and started the adoption process.

The charity Spanish Stray Dogs is excellent and really cares about their dogs, we had a virtual home visit and masses of advice and support on how to help these types of dogs adapt to life in the UK.

The date of his arrival drew closer – as experienced dog owners we know how much hard work a dog with behaviour problems can be, so we were quite apprehensive. The charity said he was a loving dog, but they also said a lot of the dogs can freak out at certain things and can leap 6 foot fences to escape!

We were instructed to pick him up from Cobham services at 1pm on 20 December.  We duly arrived and soon two vans with “Animals in Transit” on the side arrived.  Expectant new owners circled the vans to collect their dogs.  We waited patiently while dogs were got out of the vans, one by one, and handed over.

As the excitement was building, my phone rang and a man with a Spanish accent informed me that Sonny was delayed by 2 hours.  “Oh no, it’s ok, “I said, “he’s here now, we are just waiting for him to be got out of the van.”   The man said he didn’t know what I was talking about and repeated the 2 hour delay.

My husband went over to one of the men getting the dogs from the vans.” Are you with Spanish Stray Dogs?” He replied, “No, Mate, we’re Greek Stray dogs!”

2 hours later Sonny arrived.   He had been on the road for 30 hours and was shattered.  Just as lovely in real life, we popped in the car and bought him home.   He slept for 2 days solid, then he decided to let himself out of the utility room by opening the handle (street smarts) and came and laid beside our bed. He was home.

He is an absolute joy, a dream to train and already a much loved member of the family.

We are going to keep him bi-lingual, just for the fun of it.  Buen perro, Sonny, te amamos!