Home-schooling…it’s a balancing act!

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| Month: January 2021

Home-schooling…it’s a balancing act!

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many people are adjusting to working from home and during this latest lockdown many parents again find themselves trying balance home schooling their children as well. A new study by the University of Oxford suggests that the pressures of lockdown have increased the levels of stress, depression and anxiety in

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28th January 2021 — Read this story in full.

Sonny – a happy adoption story

We lost our beloved lurcher, Woody, on 2 November 2020 to kidney disease, aged 12.  Heartbroken, we agreed not to get another dog for a couple of years. Sonny arrived from Spain 7 weeks later on 20 December 2020. There was just such a void in the house, and with another lockdown looming I found myself

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21st January 2021 — Read this story in full.

The Corinthian Dictionary of Pension Jargon

Significantly boosting employees’ communication about pensions could be as simple as changing the language used to describe them.  A survey, by Invesco, Nest Insight and maslansky + partners, found some common misconceptions about pension savings, and identified the barriers when it comes to engaging with workplace finances. Its five key findings were that: 40% of the survey

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12th January 2021 — Read this story in full.

Chancellor announces some additional support for businesses

I hope that you, your families and colleagues remain safe and well, and that you were able to enjoy the festive break.  Despite the current lockdown, here at Corinthian we remain optimistic that 2021 will bring brighter times than 2020, and to once again let you know that we are all working remotely and we

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6th January 2021 — Read this story in full.

Corinthian. For now. For the Future

2020 began for Corinthian Benefits as a year full of ideas and boundless energy. Our opening campaign was aptly named ‘2020 Vision’ – What is your employee focus going to be in 2020?”. Little did we know what 2020 had in store… for us, our families, friends, colleagues and, indeed, the world as we were,

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4th January 2021 — Read this story in full.

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