New crackdown on employers breaking auto-enrolment rules

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New crackdown on employers breaking auto-enrolment rules

The Pension Regulator (tPR) has announced a new crackdown on employers who are avoiding their pension auto enrolment pension duties. Those suspected of breaking the law will be targeted with short notice inspections and tPR says it is using data to pinpoint specific employers who are failing to enrol staff into a pension scheme, or

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15th May 2019 — Read this story in full.

Lifetime Allowance Protection breached 12,000 times in 12 years

Over 12,000 pension savers have breached lifetime allowance (LTA) protections in the past 12 years, potentially incurring tax bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Every time the LTA has been cut since its introduction in April 2006, a new set of transitional protection rules have been created.  The four types of protection that can

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11th April 2019 — Read this story in full.

Younger employees need help with pensions

Millennials have a “worrying lack” of awareness as to how pensions work, according to a recent survey. The majority of those aged between 24 and 34 did not know what happens to pension savings, with over half thinking it is deposited in savings accounts and earning a fixed amount of interest. The majority of these employees

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4th April 2019 — Read this story in full.

With Welplan Pensions exiting Master Trust market, how safe is your Pension Scheme?

Welplan Pensions has exited the Master Trust market and says it is seeking a buyer for the pensions it holds.  They say this decision was made in response to the Pensions Regulator’s new authorisation regime, which they said was “cost-prohibitive” for many smaller and medium-sized trusts.  As a result Welplan says it was “no longer viable” to

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25th March 2019 — Read this story in full.

Passport renewals before Brexit deadline – 29th March 2019!

Business travellers with less than 6 months remaining on their passports might face difficulties with a no-deal Brexit: New rules will apply if the UK leaves the EU with no deal Official guidance is that people should ensure there are at least six months left on their UK passports from their date of arrival (child

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22nd February 2019 — Read this story in full.

Top tips for employers on Valentine’s Day!

What can employers learn from the world of romance? As the song goes ‘love is in the air’ – it’s February, the high streets are decked out with Valentine’s day gifts and businesses are being encouraged to ‘love their employees’.   We also often hear the phrase ‘employer / employee relationship’ in HR publications and promotions. 

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13th February 2019 — Read this story in full.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

In July 2017, HMRC announced that all businesses and individuals will have to file their accounting information digitally. So, from April 2019 it will be mandatory for registered businesses to follow the new VAT submission process (if they’re over the current VAT registration threshold of £85,000).  This means: Digital VAT records must be kept MTD compatible

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1st February 2019 — Read this story in full.

APRIL…it’s no joke!

From April 2019 Workplace Pension scheme minimum contributions are increasing – see our flyer April…it’s not a joke If you require any further information, please just get in touch.

14th January 2019 — Read this story in full.

Poor employee benefits can cause SMEs to lose staff

Small companies run the risk of losing people to competitors because the benefits they offer are not so attractive. Companies employing between 50 and 300 staff say attracting talent is a bigger challenge than growing profits or improving workflow. The only issue that was a bigger concern was the uncertainty over Brexit. However, research has

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17th December 2018 — Read this story in full.

Just Group Acquires Majority Shareholding in Corinthian Pension Consulting

Acquisition designed to grow Just Group’s capability to provide services to trustees of Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes seeking professional advisory services to run bulk member option exercises (scheme exercises) and complements activity of recently launched HUB Pension Solutions. Just Group plc (Just Group) today announced it has acquired a 75% shareholding in the holding company

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17th August 2018 — Read this story in full.

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